RecMed First Aid Kits was first created in 2014 by child inventor Taylor Rosenthal. When he founded RecMed, Taylor was only 14 years old and in the 8th grade at Opelika Middle School in Opelika, Alabama. Taylor was a member of his school’s Young Entrepreneur Academy. While in the Young Entrepreneur Academy, he was able to bring national attention to RecMed.

Taylor Rosenthal has appeared on numerous media outlets (CNN, FOX, CNBC). According to Taylor, RecMed did receive a $30 million buyout offer, but he decided not to sell. Instead, he plans to further develop RecMed. He says that he plans to sell RecMed in the future for more than $50 million.

Rec Med Vending Machine

The reason why RecMed was created was because Taylor realized people need an on-demand medical supply vending machine. He knew that hiring an employee to sell medical supplies at sporting events would be too costly. His solution was to create a vending machine that can dispense bandaids, tape, or whatever you need to clean cuts and wounds while playing sports.

Currently, RecMed vending machines aren’t available. When RecMed comes onto the market it will cost around $5,500 for each one. Items that will be sold in a RecMed range from $5.99 to $14.99 depending if you want a small first aid kit or a larger one.

It’s really no surprise all of the attention that RecMed has received. It’s one of the most innovative ideas to come to a vending machine since Redbox. It appears that Taylor has worked very hard to create a product that can help a ton of people clean up their cuts and get back to what they were doing. It has been reported that Six Flags has made a soft order of 100 RecMed vending machines. There are many more companies that are interested in purchasing this medical vending machine as well.

RecMed continues to be developed and improved upon. There are plans to put RecMed vending machines into amusement parks, water parks, sports stadiums, and more. Taylor Rosenthal is now in high school and is more dedicated to RecMed than ever before. With a little time, you will see a RecMed near you!