RecMed is a company specializing in first aid vending machines. The concept is to place RecMed vending machines in baseball parks, soccer fields, etc. So that consumers will have easy access to first aid when they need it most.
RecMed was founded by a 14 year old, Taylor Rosenthal. After RecMed was recognized as an innovative idea that solves a major problem. Taylor was offered $30 million for his company. Though, he rejected this offer because he believes it's worth much more.
Yes and no, while you can find vending machines that do sell things like bandaids, tape, etc. RecMed is different, it incorporates an innovative way in supplying these products to the consumer. Other vending machines just use ordinary vending machines. RecMed is a lot more user friendly and interactive than traditional vending machines.
RecMed vending machines aren't currently available. They are in the production stage, there are still things that need to be worked out before they are ready for consumers.
NO... We believe it's worth more. That is why Taylor Rosenthal turned down the $30 million offer. The idea for RecMed is absolute genius on Taylor's part. RecMed can be placed anywhere sports are played. At sporting events, people are constantly getting hurt. Most people don't carry bandaids or other medical supplies. RecMed makes is easy for the consumer to get the medical supplies that they need fast! RecMed is the Redbox of the medical vending world.
No, this website is not the official website, this is a fansite. We have no connection to RecMed vending machines or related products. This website was developed by a team of entrepreneurs who love the RecMed vending machine idea. We have tried to find RecMed's official website but couldn't find one.